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25th December 2018 -  Gautam Aggarwal - Cybersecurity (Part 3 of 3)


The final episode of the 3 part series on Cybersecurity and also of 2018. In this episode, we will cover the ​future landscape of the Security Industry and learnings from some of the recent cyber threats. Also highlighting few of the skillsets required in choosing Cybersecurity as a career path and help mitigate and tackle future cyber threats.


22nd December 2018 -  Gautam Aggarwal - Cybersecurity (Part 2 of 3)


We are delighted to bring 2nd of the 3 part series in conversation with the very passionate and dynamic Gaurav Aggarwal, Chief Marketing Officer of NSS Labs.
In this episode, we will talk about the importance of companies like NSS labs who tackle Cybersecurity threat in the market with bespoke offerings to corporates of the world. 


15th December 2018 -  Gautam Aggarwal - Cybersecurity (Part 1 of 3)


Recent data breaches by hackers on Airlines and Hotel industries, ransomware attacks on government systems, Billions of dollars of theft through Bank and Swift interface are few of the major challenges Large Corporates, Governments and Individuals around the world faces in this day and age of Cyberspace.

The threat of cyber attacks has evolved to such a sophisticated level that they say if World War 3 will be to happen, it will kick off between countries in Cyberspace first.

To discuss the importance of Cybersecurity, we met with Gautam Aggarwal, CMO of NSS labs based of Austin, Texas. 

We are delighted to bring 1st of the 3 part series in conversation with the very passionate and dynamic Gautam Aggarwal.


08th December 2018 - Ankur Sharma - Director of ITW Playworx UK


Ever wondered how are a day in a life of the people and the firm behind the celebrity management,  event management, brand endorsement, tour management of some of your favourites from the world of entertainment and sports. Today we are talking to ITW Playworx, which is the entertainment, media & communication arm of ITW Consulting based out of India. It has entered the UK market with the opening of its second overseas office after Dubai. 

ITW Playworx has named Ankur Sharma as the Director of the UK operations and he is also our guest on the podcast today.








01st December 2018 - Nayan Gala & Gaurav Singh - Venture Capitalists


 Few of the challenges a startup faces in the market are to raise seed capital, company registration, tax structure, accounting etc. "Venture capitalists" not just help raise the much-needed capital for the startups but also add value to the overall business acumen and plan the growth path.

We are talking to one such VC firm in London called JPIN. Co-Founders Nayan and Gaurav have set up a dedicated Fund for Startups connecting UK-India corridor. Let's find out their story of setting up the Company and the Fund serving a very lucrative corridor for Investors and Tech entrepreneurs.



24th November 2018 - Aditya Joshi - Co-Founder of Greendeck


"Startup" is a common buzzword which is associated with early-stage tech companies who are challenging the incumbents of various sectors. Today we are chatting with Aditya Joshi, he is a 26-year-old co-founder of an Indian based startup called "Greendeck", who has recently been awarded as "Retail week startup of the year 2018". 
Aditya is Bits Pilani alumnus and has successfully started and sold off one business before starting Greendeck which focuses on Dynamic Pricing in the Consumer retail space. Let's hear it from a very talented Aditya Joshi about his journey so far which has led him and his venture to some of the prominent Tech Incubators and Accelerators around the world.



17th November 2018 - Theme: Sheroes of India - Part IV

20th Century - Freedom Movement

(Narration by Ina Chhabra & Vatsala Malik)

We are delighted to present 4 episodes series called "Sheroes of India" dedicated to the History of Indian Women and their contribution to the Indian Society. 

The 4th and last episode of Sheroes of India is to highlight the all-important freedom movement against British Raj, liberation movement for women and women as revolutionaries of 20th century India.



10th November 2018 - Theme: Sheroes of India - Part III

Renaissance India

(Narration by Ina Chhabra & Vatsala Malik)

We are delighted to present 4 episodes series called "Sheroes of India" dedicated to the History of Indian Women.
3rd episode highlights some of the key events of the India Renaissance. Today's podcast is a narration of some of the women social reformists of the 19th Century India.  



03rd November 2018 - Theme: Sheroes of India - Part II


(Narration by Ina Chhabra & Vatsala Malik)

We are delighted to present 4 episodes series called "Sheroes of India" dedicated to the History of Indian Women.
2nd episode of "Sheroes of India" series highlights the introduction of "Parda" and "Sati" in the 13th century India. This period also introduces Islam to the region. 
Today's podcast is a narration of some of the brave women warriors of the 13th Century India.   



27th October 2018 - Theme: Sheroes of India - Part I


(Narration by Ina Chhabra & Vatsala Malik)

We are delighted to present 4 episodes series called "Sheroes of India" dedicated to the History of Indian Women. We have collaborated with a passionate historian Ina Chabbra and together we have attempted to celebrate women from all walks of life, religion and social status who have helped shaped the history of Indian Society.

Today's podcast is a narration of some of the brave, intelligent and strong women of the  Vedic period. 








20th October 2018 - Amy Aroona-Pallavi - Pole Dancing


Our guest today has adopted a fitness routine which has erotic connotation attached to it. I am talking about Pole dancing. Amy is very passionate and proud of her achievements on the pole which demands core strength and technique to achieve some of the moves on a single vertical pole. 
Let's understand Pole dancing as an alternative to some of the fitness options available to us.



13th October 2018 - Riccha Grrover - Advanced Social Work - UK Gov 


Social workers are trained professionals who use their skill sets to help and alleviate communities and individuals suffering from social deprivation. Our guest today is Riccha Grrover who is an "Advanced Social Work Practitioner Child Services "with UK Government. She has been instrumental in bringing positive changes to the struggling and problem struck families in The UK.   

Let's hear Riccha's journey from Delhi to London following her passion and drive to make a difference in society. 


06th October 2018 - Dr. Anand Kumar - Dy. CEO Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd 


Our guest today is Dy CEO of Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd. Dr Anand Kumar is one of the nicest bankers I've met, he juggles his day job in the city with a very noble cause of providing vocational training to the young adults of his village in Bihar through an initiative Kusum foundation. He is a firm believer of ISR i.e. Individual social responsibility. Let's hear the story of Kusum foundation.



26th May 2018 - Asifa Lahore - Britain's First Muslim Drag Queen



LGBT is a term collectively used to describe individuals within our society based on their sexual preferences. 
Our guest today is Asifa Lahore, Asifa was born as a gay man who became Britain's first Muslim Drag Queen and made a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. Asifa has decided to go through Sex reassignment surgery and undergoing hormone therapy at the moment. 
Let's hear Asifa's life story of transitioning from being a Gay man to a Drag Queen and finally a Transgender Female.


19th May 2018 - Rahul Aggarwal - Co-Founder of Travel The Unknown


What comes first to your mind when you think of a holiday? Sunny, breezy locales, sandy beaches, fun safaris, magical deserts..or more? Wouldn’t it be nice if you were to be taken on roads less travelled, paths unexplored and experience the warmth of people for an experience of a lifetime? Well, then come explore the journey of Rahul, co-founder of ‘Travel the Unknown’, who left his corporate job to pursue his underlying passion for travel! If you’re planning your next holiday, you might just change your destination after this!


12th May 2018 - Kajal Mehta - Well-being Coach & Nutritionist



In today’s world, we are becoming conscious of our eating habits and constantly evolving and adapting to our appetizing needs. Our guest today is Kajal Mehta, she is a Wellbeing Coach and a Nutritionist.

Today Kajal is the owner of a progressive business, however,​ to reach this level Kajal had to go through a real hardship and heartache in her personal life. Let's hear her journey on today's Podcast of Globalise-Asian.








05th May 2018 - Wasim Ahmed - Pharmacist Entrepreneur


If you are one of those pharmacists who has always been interested in owning your own business then you would be interested to hear from our guest of the day, Wasim Ahmed. Wasim's heritage is from Pakistan and like many Asian families who immigrated to The UK for a better future lead his parents to take that leap of faith. Wasim is a pharmacist by profession and a serial entrepreneur by choice.

Let's hear Wasim's story of managing chain of pharmacies and diversifying his business into real estate and most recently into Business Incubators for start-ups in the city of Oxford.


28th April 2018 - Rehana Ameer - Councillor in City of London


The City of London is the financial capital of the world; with over 500 banks, Foreign exchanges, London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London Insurance market and home to 100s of non-banking Financial institutions contributing almost  3% of  The UK's GDP.

Our guest today is Rehana Ameer, born and brought up in Chennai, India. Rehana with her sheer determination got elected as the "Councillor for Vintry Ward", and by doing so Rehana created history by becoming the 1st Indian-born Woman to hold the prestigious position in the 950 years history of the all-important "City of London".

Let's hear her journey into politics and balancing roles of being a Mother, Wife, Businesswoman and Mentor simultaneously.



21st April 2018 - Manjeet Hirani - Writer & Commercial Pilot


Manjeet Hirani is a serving Senior Commander Pilot with Air India. She is the better half of  Rajkumar Hirani who is one of the most successful directors in the Indian Film Industry. Her latest stint with writing a non-fiction book called "How to be Human" has won her accolades across the world. We caught up with Manjeet in London after her book launch in the House of Lords to get some insights into her life and the newly found passion of being a philosophical writer.













14th April 2018 - Vijay Goel - Corporate Lawyer


Our guest today is a very dynamic, influential and a man with ample humility. He is a partner in one of the biggest Indian law firm in the UK. His remit involves various Government, Corporate and philanthropic projects across UK India and African Corridor. Nick Clegg, Mukesh Ambani, Her Majesty The Queen and Narendra Modi are few of the elites in the long list of Influencers that Vijay has collaborated with. Let’s hear Vijay's professional story on today's Podcast.



07th April 2018 - Harvinder Paul & Nitin Tyagi - World Transformation Day


World transformation day is a collaborative initiative to bring meaningful change to the human race. In this episode, I caught up with Harinder Paul who is a co-founder of this movement along with Nitin Tyagi who is the founder of Golden Sunrise an organisation providing transformational life coaching to individuals. 
Let’s hear from both of them and understand their story of joining hands for the ​greater good of society.

31st March 2018 - Kavita Teckchandani - Early Intervention Adviser


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the name for a group of developmental disorders. People with ASD often have Ongoing social problems that include difficulty communicating and interacting with others.
Our guest today is Kavita Teckchandani, she is an Early Intervention Adviser working with NHS.

Let's hear from her some of the common misconceptions and challenges of Autism.



24th March 2018 - Hannah Xu - Tax Accountant 

Xceptional Consultancy
Our guest today is Hannah Xu. She runs her own accountancy firm out of Moorgate in London. Her business model is catered to the niche population of Medical professionals. Her approach to entrepreneurship is very different to widely perceived shrewdness required to run a business. She believes in the healthy aspect of working culture and philanthropic intention to help the needy. 
Let's hear her journey from growing up in a small town in China to establishing herself in the City of London.

17th March 2018 - Divya Kohli - Yogini (Yoga Instructor)



The existence of Yoga can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago. The early writings on Yoga were transcribed on the palm leaves that were easily damaged, destroyed or lost. In spite the lack of written transcripts, Yoga has grown organically out of India and embedded itself into the world's wellness regime. 

Our guest today is Divya Kohli, she is a Yogini, who gave up her Media career to pursue the world of Yoga. Let's find out her journey of discovering Yoga and embracing it to become a Yoga instructor.



10th March 2018- Vinay- Awareness on Child Sexual Abuse


#MeToo is a social media campaign that was spread across Hollywood last year after sexual allegations by actresses against Harvey Weinstein. Soon after we heard about Kevin Spacey's story of sexual misconduct on a minor. Sexual misconduct is a harsh reality of our society and Today we are talking to Vinay,  who had approached us to talk about a disturbing topic of child sexual abuse. He had been a victim of the abuse and wanted to share the bitter truth of living with the unfortunate experience. Vinay has an amazing aura about his personality and his courage to talk about the dark side of his life is a testament to his strong mindset. He is a family man with good intention and wants to provide back to the community in his own way and working on a couple of projects called "Loving Grandparents" and "Stop Bad Touch".


03rd March 2018 - ​Dr Bhavjit Kaur - Aesthetic Doctor​​​


Aesthetics explores the Perception and appreciation of beauty. We all want to look and feel about ourselves in a way that suits our surroundings. Sometimes that perception changes to obsession and even depression. Today we have Dr Bhavjit Kaur who successfully runs a health and aesthetic clinic in London and will be addressing and sharing her experience in this profession.




24th February 2018 - Karun Soni - Professional Artist

Dotty Art - Oil Painting

Hi Everyone and welcome to the inaugural episode of 2018. Our first guest is Karun Soni, he is both creative and pragmatic towards his style of art and brands his commissions as "Dotty Art".

He wears dual hats of a fulltime IT professional and a passionate artist who is creating his own niche with the dotty style of painting. 

Let's hear from a young talent and understand the motivation behind his creativity.


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