Hello Everyone and Namaskar!


We’re thrilled to welcome you to Globalise - Asian (G-A), a Podcast especially put together by and for the Asian community settled in the UK and the World over. Globalisation has truly brought us all from varied backgrounds, faiths and cultures closer. Therefore it's appropriate we address ourselves as Globalise Asian


We will use this platform to have an informal and candid chat with dynamic ethnic individuals who are successful Entrepreneurs, Socialists, Bloggers, Athletes and from many more exciting professions. What more, we’ll also lead you into all the incredible initiatives that our communities have created and are so passionately involved in.


Let’s face it, the nostalgia is painful to bear and a li’l gup-shup can only make things better. So, let’s step out of our ‘virtual mohallas’ into a more interactive space with some real and meaningful opportunities to explore and people to connect with - but more importantly, have fun while doing it. Come forward, stay tuned and let's get Podcasting!


Globalise-Asian Team 


Gagan Sareen - A City Banker by profession. Curious in nature and passionate by choice. Healthy eating is the new mantra. The sense of humour is the 5th element and bad jokes keep me going. I believe in the famous words by Guru Morrison-ji "People are strange when you are stranger"


Vatsala Malik - A Medical Affairs professional. Culinary enthusiast. Sufism lover. Self-confessed passionate tea brewer. Creativity in any form inspires me, and I thrive on positive energy.  

 Shivani Makh -  "I have learned that I still have a lot to learn"  best describes my passion for the inspiring human stories.

 A banker and an avid baker with zest of travelling and meeting new people along the way. 

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