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14th April 2018 - Vijay Goel - Corporate Lawyer


Our guest today is a very dynamic, influential and a man with ample humility. He is a partner in one of the biggest Indian law firm in the UK. His remit involves various Government, Corporate and philanthropic projects across UK India and African Corridor. Nick Clegg, Mukesh Ambani, Her Majesty The Queen and Narendra Modi are few of the elites in the long list of Influencers that Vijay has collaborated with. Let’s hear Vijay's professional story on today's Podcast.



07th April 2018 - Harvinder Paul & Nitin Tyagi - World Transformation Day


World transformation day is a collaborative initiative to bring meaningful change to the human race. In this episode, I caught up with Harinder Paul who is a co-founder of this movement along with Nitin Tyagi who is the founder of Golden Sunrise an organisation providing transformational life coaching to individuals. 
Let’s hear from both of them and understand their story of joining hands for the ​greater good of society.

31st March 2018 - Kavita Teckchandani - Early Intervention Adviser


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the name for a group of developmental disorders. People with ASD often have Ongoing social problems that include difficulty communicating and interacting with others.
Our guest today is Kavita Teckchandani, she is an Early Intervention Adviser working with NHS.

Let's hear from her some of the common misconceptions and challenges of Autism.



24th March 2018 - Hannah Xu - Tax Accountant 

Xceptional Consultancy
Our guest today is Hannah Xu. She runs her own accountancy firm out of Moorgate in London. Her business model is catered to the niche population of Medical professionals. Her approach to entrepreneurship is very different to widely perceived shrewdness required to run a business. She believes in the healthy aspect of working culture and philanthropic intention to help the needy. 
Let's hear her journey from growing up in a small town in China to establishing herself in the City of London.

17th March 2018 - Divya Kohli - Yogini (Yoga Instructor)



The existence of Yoga can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago. The early writings on Yoga were transcribed on the palm leaves that were easily damaged, destroyed or lost. In spite the lack of written transcripts, Yoga has grown organically out of India and embedded itself into the world's wellness regime. 

Our guest today is Divya Kohli, she is a Yogini, who gave up her Media career to pursue the world of Yoga. Let's find out her journey of discovering Yoga and embracing it to become a Yoga instructor.



10th March 2018- Vinay- Awareness on Child Sexual Abuse


#MeToo is a social media campaign that was spread across Hollywood last year after sexual allegations by actresses against Harvey Weinstein. Soon after we heard about Kevin Spacey's story of sexual misconduct on a minor. Sexual misconduct is a harsh reality of our society and Today we are talking to Vinay,  who had approached us to talk about a disturbing topic of child sexual abuse. He had been a victim of the abuse and wanted to share the bitter truth of living with the unfortunate experience. Vinay has an amazing aura about his personality and his courage to talk about the dark side of his life is a testament to his strong mindset. He is a family man with good intention and wants to provide back to the community in his own way and working on a couple of projects called "Loving Grandparents" and "Stop Bad Touch".


03rd March 2018 - ​Dr Bhavjit Kaur - Aesthetic Doctor​​​


Aesthetics explores the Perception and appreciation of beauty. We all want to look and feel about ourselves in a way that suits our surroundings. Sometimes that perception changes to obsession and even depression. Today we have Dr Bhavjit Kaur who successfully runs a health and aesthetic clinic in London and will be addressing and sharing her experience in this profession.




24th February 2018 - Karun Soni - Professional Artist

Dotty Art - Oil Painting

Hi Everyone and welcome to the inaugural episode of 2018. Our first guest is Karun Soni, he is both creative and pragmatic towards his style of art and brands his commissions as "Dotty Art".

He wears dual hats of a fulltime IT professional and a passionate artist who is creating his own niche with the dotty style of painting. 

Let's hear from a young talent and understand the motivation behind his creativity.


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